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OK, I know this is a sensitive topic, but I am considering defecting from the ranks of Monster ownership. I posted the following (see below) on multistrada.net and the feedback I have received is pushing me strongly in the direction of the aesthetically challenged MTS. Does anybody in Monster-land (preferably with MTS experience) care to try and make the counter-point?

OK, I've been riding a 750 Monster for the past 5 years and I have decided that I "need" a new(-ish) bike and I plan to buy near the end of this winter. Right now, I am torn between an 04-05 M1000S ie and an 04-05 MTS 1000 DS. I prefer the looks of the Monster, but I like what I perceive as the greater versatility of the Multistrada. The real issue is my comfort level with the bike. I have gotten very comfortable with my Monster and I am extremely confident in its handling. I am fortunate to live within a couple of hours of some great roads (Shenandoah/Blue Ridge). In general, I'm a somewhat conservative rider, but I do like to get a little aggressive in the twisties. What I have loved about my Monster is how easy it is to ride quickly through the curves. It always answers the bell when I need to change a line. It's bailed me out a few times when I've encountered unexpected road debris etc.

I test rode a MTS1000S DS last year. In general, I liked the experience, but there was a bit of unfamiliarity. I learned to ride off-road, so I really like the upright position (even more upright than my Monster), but the height was a bit off-putting. I'm 6'0" and have no problem flat-footing the bike, but even so it did feel a bit odd tipping the bike in to a turn at speed from so high up. I got the feeling that I would get used to it, but it was a bit off-putting.

I'm wondering if there are any riders on this board that made the transition from Monster to Multi or from riders that have ridden a lot of miles on both. I'd like to hear their views and what they see as the pluses and minuses. What I really want to know, is how likely is it that I will relatively quickly get to the same level of confidence in the handling of the MTS as I have with the Monster. Is the MTS the equal or better of the Monster? If it is, then the choice will come down solely to beauty vs. utility. Not that I find the MTS ugly, parts of it I really like. It's just that I am still enamored with the looks of the Monster after all these years. As a final note, my budget will likely not allow me to consider the "S" Multistrada. The upper limit for me is $8,000. From watching this board, it seems I should be able to find a standard MTS for that price. Comparable year Monsters go for about a grand less.
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You're dead to me, son. :'(
Man, you just missed a demo day in Woodbridge VA. One of the bikes was a MTS 1100. Shame on you for not checking out the CAM doings...

So having jsut rode a MTS for a few miles - I liked it. Very upright posture that would be good over long distance. Though she doesn't look it, it handles really well and has a ton of lean capacity to the high clearance. Though I love my monster, I did enjoy the Multi - it made me giggle
Oh ****,

I was reading that thread earlier today,

Do like me, have both...
motogpfan said:
Oh ****,

I was reading that thread earlier today,

Do like me, have both...
+1...I think I responded on your multistrada.net thread. I'm buying a MTS1000 as I type. They are just great bikes.
I used to have a m750, got a SS1kds, and rode a MTS1kds recently.

If it floats your boat - go for it. I think you would love either one.
For me, as a primary bike, the mts would get the nod with it's increased versatility. Luggage and electronic trinkets are awesome if you use the bike a lot.

Either way - prepare to become a wheelie junky.
I test road a MTS1000S at the Ducati demo ride. I liked the bike. We didn't get to ride in any twisties but the bike felt agile and definitely capable. I noticed too how much taller it feels but I think it would be something that you would get used to quickly. If I was to get a multi I would take the front fairing off as others have done. The multistrada forum has many pictures of variations of fairingless multies. I think I still like my monster more but I would surely take a multi as a second bike for the longer trips.
Can anyone here compare the MTS620 with the MTS1000?
I don't have fhe... but I've heard that the 620 doesn't have enough power for the bike. I've heard it's not like the monster, and it actually does feel too slow.
the moolti has its own board? beasties!
hey your not exactly leaving the family a? 8)
Greerzilla said:
I don't have fhe... but I've heard that the 620 doesn't have enough power for the bike. I've heard it's not like the monster, and it actually does feel too slow.
I think the MTS620 feels about the same as the M620. The MTS 620 is a great bike, but since I'm used to the power of my M900 I'd rather have a 1000.
OT said:
Can anyone here compare the MTS620 with the MTS1000?
Main difference is when you sit on the MTS620 which is lower than the 1000. Power being the next obvious difference.

My wife has an MTS620...but it needs repair :( Poor MTS isn't getting any love right now. :'(
As always, great feedback from the Ducatista peanut gallery. I am increasingly leaning towards the Multi. Unless I find a few extra thousand dollars, the 750 below will most likely go up for sale in the next few months....


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There's a bunch of folks over on the ducati.ms board that have switched from 7**/9**'s to the Multistrada. They credit the handling & comfort for the change. I haven't ridden one so I can't tell you but you shouldn't fight gravity if you're feeling an MTS pulling on you.
I love my Multi,

fells like a giant dirt bike, except comfortable,
I will own a Multi someday. I hope to keep the monster but want something for longer distances and more comfort at any distance. I did test ride a 1000 and was very impressed with the upright seating and the leg room. I didn't get to push it but from what I hear it will handle whatever you throw at it. As I said I would like to keep the M but if I can only swing one bike right now She may have to go for the comfort of the Ugly Duc.
I've left the Monster ranks and am not planning to come back as well.

I've probably made test rides on eight different Monsters that I was considering and finally realized that I really don't like the riding position anymore. Sure, the ST2 doesn't have the customization possibilities and isn't real great at wheelies, but I can ride it 500 miles in one day and still feel better than even 200 miles on the Monster. For me, the ST2 is a better all around motorcycle.

I had considered the Multistrada for a while as well, but after talking to Gary Eagan, who has made many long distance rides on both the Multistrada and the ST, I was convinced that there isn't a real big difference between the two for the type of riding that I do.

So now I'm trying to figure out how to purchase a Hypermotard when they become available. That bike should include what is good about the Monster, but with decent legroom and more suspension.
Well, I'm buying another bike, not a Monster...

It's going to be an ST3s or ST4s.

I was thinking of selling the S2R, but, I can't bear the thought of parting with such a sweet bike.

So, I'll own Two Ducatis.

Problem Solved.

LJB 8)
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