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I keep reading about the famous MSF training and I'd actually really like to do an advanced one. I think it's great fun and I used to do one once a year back in Europe.

Thing is I'm not looking for some pylons on a parking lot. I'm looking for real proper motorcycle safety center. The place should have:

* Certainly a special parcour to work on lean angle.
* "Lean bike"
* Simulate unstable bike on moving plates.
* Simulation of different road conditions (water, gravel, obstacles)
* Downhill/uphill

And so on, you get the idea....

Parts of that, I can certainly get at California Superbike School etc but I'm actually not so much interested in the whole race track, 120mph kind of training. Well, I am but not for this purpose. I'm also not so keen on paying $2,5k. More like $300.

Any ideas? Is there something like that out there in NorCal. I'm sure it is, just cannot find it in between all the parking lots :D

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