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Tried to post this info to an existing thread, but it's continuously awaiting moderation, so here goes with a new thread.

"In case anyone else still searches and is in need of info, I managed to shrink my tank by hanging it (emptied, dried, and disassembled from the fuel pump and filler cap) with the big hole facing the exhaust port of a dehumidifier. Had paper-based masking tape strapped across the width and length to gauge shrinkage and, sure enough, after a few weeks, it had lost enough size that not only could it sit properly (though not perfectly) without butting up against the ignition column, but the fuel pump holes now actually lined up with the bosses on the tank.

Now, to address ethanol in fuel... Others have noted that it is possible to roll your own by getting some in a container, adding water, sloshing around, waiting for the water+ethanol to settle, then pouring out the real gas. In short, you need about 2.56 oz water/gallon gas for E10, or 12.8 ounces for a five-gallon gas can.

Since this method drops octane to very low levels, you will need octane boost, which is pricey. There are some wild alternatives for octane boost out there, and while some people religiously believe that diesel will absolutely ruin your engine, digging around the MSDS files for Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost, as well as one made by CRC, revealed that their products are basically just #2 diesel.

YMMV and I hope I'm not doing something that will trash the engine, but OTOH, it's probably better than running E10 in a bike that wasn't designed for it."
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