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Dave's new bike

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Took the plunge
KTM LC4 supermoto
Pipe, flatside carby + some other extras.
Pics tomorrow if - hopefully I get it tonight.

She'll be on show not this weekend but the weekend after.
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goldFiSh said:
wtf KTM?

I will call you man, just got back this morning! 1st message I have read!
Don't go there Nick !!! [laugh] [laugh]

I thought that was a quick respone by you! Nothing from either of you for a week or so, and then bang, you're both on !
nice headers on the bike Dave and looks very clean !

ps. you need to change your profile...no suggestions needed anymore ! well, actually thinking about it, this is the DML, so we will still suggest you supplement your KTM with a Duc at some stage !! [thumbsup]
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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