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Damn this is getting expensive.

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Just ordered Sil HiMounts and a Sargent Seat. Another $1k to the economy and a much happier butt on the rides.

Anyone know what I can do to keep SWMBO from giving me dirty looks when the boxes arrive? Flowers wont cut it. Dinner out definatly wont. Maybe something shiny?
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Clearly the pipes came with the bike and you were waiting until cold weather to put them on. Statistically, I believe the Sargent seat imparts greater vehicle control, and is safer. Clearly you did this for her! ;D

BTW, I sent the spouse to the spa for her birthday, and was it nice! I am still reaping the rewards 2 weeks later. Don't know why I didn't do this before.

My parts arrive at work, but I also have a P.O. Box!!!

To stimulate the economy you are mandated to spend 2k More over the next 12 months on said monster. It's your duty!

Good luck! Now to look up SWMBO on Google....

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