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Take a look at these pictures and comment on the possibility of performing the tail mod/chop. I will get someone to repair the weld on the lefthand frame tube where it meets the crossbar that houses the seat latch. The damage to my frame does not extend past the crossbar that houses the seat latch. (The seat still latches properly)

Here's how it happened: I was riding with 14 other guys and this was my 1st trip with such a large group. I was very nervous about colliding with one of them as we leaned into the 1st turn of the day. My focus was directed in many places: my mirrors, the other rider's position relative to myself, my blind spots, ... but NOT the streach of asphalt directly in front of me. When I looked foreward I was hovering on the edge of the road with a severe dropoff between me and the soft shoulder. My speed was roughly 30-35mph when my front tire dropped off and I started to go down. I pointed the bike into the ditch and was gently tossed off the high side. I put a small dent in the tank and bent my bars but that was the only real damage attributable to the ditch dive. The real damage was done by the guy behind me. When he saw me go down he locked up his front tire, sliding off the road and directly into the ass-end of my M750. His nice sturdy Bimmer chewed through my liscense plate and ripped my tail all to peices. I managed to ride it home and it has no other apparent damage. My insurance situation is passable, full coverage with a $500 deductible. After reading some previous discussion on this forum I am hesitant to infom them about this mishap for fear of having my bike "totaled". I also want to avoid the inevitable jump in my premium.
So my question is, is it really totaled? I've wanted to do the tail mod for sometime now and this seems like as good a time as any to try it.

I appreciate the strong sense of community on this site, I am glad to have the support of such passionate members.

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The rear subframe is there to hold the rider, seat, rear lights, and license plate. It doesn't affect anything else if it's bent.

I would chop the tail and continue riding.

As for riding in a group, you should have two or more seconds between riders on all but big highways. If you're unsure about riding with a group, you should have an even larger distance. If the guy behind you can't stay back at least two seconds, wave him on by. There should be no excuse for a rider running into the bike in front of him, no matter what the other rider does.

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looks like a candidate for a tail chop to me... might want to try straightening the frame back close to original if possible prior to cutting. you could chop the grab rails if you wanted. i'd be concerned about other frame tweaks... that was a considerable impact heavy beemer or not.

that definitely would be a total job by an insurance claim... frame, tank, and bars... not including other scuffed tidbits

you learned a good but hard lesson... space between you and the next rider is a good thing. like scott said if the fruit is on your rear wave them by and always leave yourself some space for escape.

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I believe that the 2 second rule will be a topic of in-depth discussion at this week's meeting of the Clemson Sportbike Club. I appreciate your advice, you've given me a positive outlook for this tail mod.
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