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Alright, Chris..Get this..I saw the last post on April 28th about the guy wanting to swap heads for the heads with the big valves..I have a '99 M900 that is supposed to have (according to most books) the heads w/ the small valves and crap cams (750)..I saw your post about the markings on the heads and remembered seeing them there last time I was massaging her..My heads have V3 on the horizontal and V2 on the vertical.. I don't get it..Have you seen this one before? My Duc also has a few other things that weren't supposed to be on there according to most books, and I'm only the second owner--the first performed no mods and bought it brand new. Go figure. Any further discussion would be appreciated--I appreciate the help you've given me in the past (leaky fuel tank).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts