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Well, I just ordered some rear sets and clutch cover !!! Oh man, here I go again !!! Can't wait. I'll be posting some more pics soon on this thread in 2 days after I get them !!! Plus, you gotta love those mints !!!!

I'm running out of cyclecat stuff to order. Kickstand is next !!

p.s. anyone want to buy some stock rearsets ???

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Let me first off say thank you to Cycle cat and Alfred !!!

They are absoultely wonderful, I have never had such great customer service before in my life.

I made two mistake in ordering the items over and over, and each time, Alfred has been willign to help me out and going out of their way catching these mistkaes for the monster S4. To reiterate, I got my rear sets (cycle cat) stolen, at least parts of them. Well I ordered up the replacement parts. About two weeks later, the cops actually caught the guy. Got my parts back, so I had these new spare parts. Well, Alfred was so kind as to accept them back as credit. I jsut ordered up a new rear set (black one this time) and was planning to put hte silver one I had on my 620. I KEPT making MISTKAES orering the parts. Time and time again, Alfred andToni at cyclecat corrected my order. I have to say, THUMBS UP !!!

Not to mention their products are just absolutely amazing !!!

now to answer your email, the bars are just amazing. I was pondering to save money going with regular clip ons. But the adjustability and feel is absolutely perfect. Not to mention the quality of their craftsmanship !

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