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CycleCat frame sliders

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I'm going to be installing a set of frame sliders before taking my bike out on the track. Is it necessary to remove the exhaust header to support the engine? it seems like a really easy installation other than that. Can the engine be adequately supported without removing the header pipe?

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yeah, use block of wood and jack to one or other side of pipe. :)
I supported my engine with a jack from a car when installing my sliders, pretty easy. Though to be honest it's almost not even necessary. Leave the original engine bolt in place and push it out with the new one, tapping firmly on the end with a mallet. That way the engine is pretty much always supported. Very nice product overall.


how is the frame sliding ?

When you do it normally ?

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I just picked up a set myself, thanks for the tips it looks like it will go along smoothly.
be careful beating on the end of the stud you will screw up the threads and then wonder why the nut doesn't thread far enough or why the heli coil moved. There is a reason Cycle Cat asks you to support the engine and doesn't tell you to use the new stud to beat the old one out. They don't want you to screw up the end of the thread and then complain that the nuts won't go on. It is important that you follow the directions after all this stud holds the front of your engine up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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