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cuttin carbon cans

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anyone have any expereince with shortening carbon cans, have some termi high mounts, considering tail chop, and thought maybe, short cans would look cool.....obviously dont want to ruin cans....any help, thanks
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Cutting the CF isn't too tricky, just use a cutting wheel and wear eye and breathing gear. MY Termi low mount ovals have a raised lip where the end cans rivet on. If I shortened mine I would have a problem re-mounting the end can.
i have used to use a chop saw with a metal cutting blade to cut carbon tubing, you get very clean cuts just make sure the cans are very secure and square when you cut.
Stick some masking tape where you're going to cut, it helps a bit with splintering.
Chop saw and a fine tooth blade, the ones used for cutting Formica and laminates.
there's a really nice, detailed "how to" on the board. Do a search. :)
I too was considering shortening my Arrows too. When/if you do your Termis, give us an update.

Anyone shorten thier Arrows?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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