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Meltz said:
Well, they're the ones that look the best to me. How do they compare to stock as far as vibration? Better, same, worse?

Do your hands hit them when you ride? When they attach, are they a straight line upwards from where the stock bar end used to be?
I got CRG's. There is virtually no vibration during the ride, at any speed or rpm. I was astonished at how clear the view behind me was the first time I rode with them. The only thing that some people don't like, that doesn't bother me at all actually, is that everything apears much smaller in them. I kinda like it because the viewing area is larger.

My hands don't touch them while riding. You will have to get used to not knocking your hands into them when first putting your hands on the grips. But, this only takes a few times.

They're not in a straight line, they kind of go up and out a little. Not much, just a little.

I couldn't be happier with them.
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