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I'm selling a Corbin seat with yellow piping off of my 2001 750 Monster. It does have the new style latch, so make sure you have that style (pin) and not the U shaped latch. I also put it on my 2002 S4 and it fits on there too, so I'm assuming they all fit as long as they have the pin style. I heard in different posts about the gas tank having a different shape on certain years, so check for fitment as I will not accept returns unless it's something that I negected to disclose. There are some imperfections on some edges, but most of them cannot be seen when installed unless closely inspected. The edge on the very back above the tail light is the only one that will stand out, but will be covered up if you have a seat cowl (as I did). There is also an imperfection/ hairline crack on the fiberglass/frame part on the left hand side front which is underneath and is the part that overlaps the recessed part of the gas tank. This by no means affects the operation of the seat or fitment. It can"t even be moved (the crack). The construction of the frame is that thick!. I haven't even bothered to glue or epoxy the crack , when you see it yourself, you'll understand. I'm only going on and on about every tiny thing so I can say that I disclosed Everything besides normal wear and tear. The seat does have threaded bosses to accept the bolts for the OEM seat cowls.
It does not however, have the little compartment for the tools. The reason I'm getting rid of it? The yellow piping does not match the red on my new S4 and I'm selling the 750 with the stocker.I've tried 3-4 different seats out there and the Corbin Comfort Cell by far is the most comfortable for long rides IMO. I believe I've covered all that needs to be covered, if not ask !
I'd rather sell it to someone here on the DML since I've had better experiences here myself buying and selling parts. PayPal payment preferred.
thanks, Harry
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