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Just got a 620 Dark to commute with two weeks ago. My first bike was a Monza 250 back in 1967, so I have a soft spot for the marque. Since I got rid of my last car twenty-two months ago I've been riding about 2100 miles a month on the other bikes ('02 KLR 650, '02 VFR800) so I wanted something inexpensive, durable, mostly pretty, to ride to work and around town to save wear and tear on the long distance workhorses.

Couldn't leave well enough alone though, so the tail's bobbed to the seat, stickers and logos removed, a couple of LS bar-ends on order and I'll eventually get a 2-into-1 megaphone, open the airbox, re-map, etc.

Gotta tell you, the seat's bad, but those I've talked to suggest the Sargent rather than Corbin (Got those on the other two). So a seat's on the list as well.

Bikes are money pits. But I guess everyone here already knows that.

So I'm just checking in to say, "Hi!"

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Monsters are notorious for shallow cornering clearance, and your 620 must be worse than my S4 (as if that one wasn't bad enough). If you're a cruiser/ tourer you're probably putting the arches of your feet on the pegs. Try using the balls of your feet instead. Good for another couple inches of added clearance. Finally, get low and lean more than the bike does. You can now negotiate the same corner at the same speed while keeping the bike more upright (or take the same corner at the same lean angle and go faster - you get the idea).

With a bit of experience and practice I can now take corners I used to drag all kinds of body- and bike parts in much faster without ever touching down (unless I feel like showing off ;) )

Scraping pegs and toes is not a problem, just watch out for that kickstand on the one side and the can on the other.

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