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A beautiful 2023 Monster SP just took her place in my garage. It was lust at first sight and then at test ride had me hooked. I’ve been riding for a lot of years but I am still excited about this little beauty. So far I’ve only ridden from the dealership to home (about 10 miles) and am hoping for warmer weather to get the bike out to the hills and twisty roads where she belongs.
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I’ve ridden motorcycles for a lot of years. Longer than a lot of people have been alive at this point. As I’ve gotten older I’ve slowed down some. Ok a lot. I think the turning point was back in 2007 when I sold my last sport bike, a 2003 ZX6 RR because my aging back couldn’t handle the riding position anymore. I replaced it with a Suzuki SV650 which taught me slow was ok because it just didn’t go fast.

So riding in slow mode got me used to just cruising and enjoying the scenery. Where I would once peg the throttle at the bottom of “horsepower hill” and hold it there to 140 by the top, I found myself now just cruising up that same hill at near the 55 mph speed limit.

I more recently sold my hooligan bike a KTM 690 SMCR after my last motorcycle track day because I just no longer had the confidence and courage to go fast on it anymore. I hung up my leathers and called it quits. So last year to feel safer I did a few track days in a car. I was in my mind officially old.

I bought a BMW motorcycle and planned a few trips and settled in to “coothood”. (The process of becoming an “old coot”. Which in itself is an archaic term.)

Although I was respectively fast in the car at the track it never had the same feel as on the bike. Strapped in I was definitely safer and far more protected but the intense visceral thrill of motorcycle racing wasn’t there. To the point where I figured I’d hang that up too.

Then one day I was at the bike shop for some reason and saw a brand new 2023 Ducati 950 Hypermotard. I was enthralled and intrigued. “This looks incredible!” “I want one!” But it had a “hold” sign on it.

Went back a couple days later and yes it was sold. Sitting in it’s place was a Monster SP. Previously they only had the plain monster. The SP was gorgeous!

Went home and did lots of web surfing for research and decided that the BMW was gone and the Monster was coming home.

First real ride on the Monster was incredible! I felt alive again! She was just so light and nimble and brought me back to an earlier life where I actually rode motorcycles. I know I’ll never be fast again but I’ll also do more than just plod along without pushing a little harder here and there with this little beauty just egging me on to crack the throttle occasionally and let her inner hooligan out. Such an incredible machine. Leave it to the Italians to create something that elicits such passion.

So as soon as she is broken in and has the first service, me and my leathers will come out of retirement and we will head out to the track. I figured we don’t have to be particularly fast and nowhere near competitive but I know on the monster we can get out there and just have fun. Totally looking forward to it.
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