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clutch "rub" in first

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So I have developed this clutch "rub" when starting from a stop in first gear. It only happens when starting from a dead stop as opposed to say when you are anticipating a stop at a light and just before you do the light changes so you roll on in first-no noise there. The rub is barely audible (may be only in my worried mind) but definately can be felt. Sort of feels like the vibration caused from rubbiing two things together really hard. Does this make sense? This weekend I'm gonna remove the cover and try and blow out any dust and see what's what. My questions: is the rub indicative of worn plates that need replacing? could my springs be worn or something? is there anything I should be careful of when opening up the clutch?

Thanks, and I've got 10k miles on my 01 900 if that's relavant.

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don't spray any cleaners in there! you can try blowing it out first. the worst you will do is waste some time.
Miles, glad your problem is solved!

Scott, love your idea for blowing out the clutch!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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