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I've been cruising the FAQ's and did a search and I THINK I understand the issue, but thought I would pose my question directly to the board.

I am waiting for a 2004 M800..should be here next week. The only concern I had with the 800 I looked at was the stiff clutch lever, relative to the 620. I have small hands and some occasional left arm weakness from a pinched nerve, so the significance of a stiff clutch is amplified somewhat.

The specs indicate that both the 620 and the 800 have a wet multiplate clutch with hydraulic control. I understand that the 2004 620 has a slipper clutch, but from my reading I believe the slipper clutch reduces rear wheel "jumping"

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You are correct with the 620 slipper clutch preventing wheel hop on agreesive downshifts.

I do not know the difference in pull effort between the 620 and 800.
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