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I'd love to be able to make my clutch disengage earlier in the lever release but I can't seem to find a way. IMaybe there is some issue with it or the fluid and that is the cause. The clutch hasn't been abused in 5k miles and the slave cylinder was replaced under recall. Any ideas?

is your lever adjustable? might make a difference if you can change it's position. but i think what you're talking about may have to do with the bore of your master cylinder (how much fluid gets displaced when you pull the lever), and the springs your using in your clutch.

if you install a radial master cylinder, the action's better and it displaces more fluid than the standard unit. since it displaces more fluid per lever-throw, it may do the trick for you.


your stock springs may be going a bit soft on you? the clutch engagement will be more direct if you run stiffer springs. "TPO parts" sells "true racing springs" (their description, not mind) that are wound tighter than stock by their claims. but for $50/set, i'd be hardpressed to justify the cost. i picked up a set of stainless springs from "stevbmi" on eBay and am happy with the results. much cheaper. another option, is if your clutch pack is on it's last leg anyways and due for a replacement, pickup a barnett stack! great clutch plates and they come with a set of stiffer-than-stock springs! kill two birds with one stone ;)
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