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greetings. does anyone know of a supplier of clutch
covers who inscribes logos etc.? what i'm looking
for is a solid aluminum (no vents), possibly anodized,
cover with a nice ducati logo cut into the outer
surface ... maybe the 'flying-D' or the eagle logo from
the 60's. i contacted 'paulimoto' ... no luck there.
there's a guy called 'axljak' on the web ... anyone have
any experience with him?

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Engraving services are common at larger bike events, at least that cater to the HD crowd. You will not find Duc clutch covers in stock, but you can hand them yours and come back in an hour to pick up your engraved part. I have seen the computerized letterings machines and the freehand artists.

For the automated guys, check the spelling. When I had the aircleaner for my wife's bike done (Harley-Davidson Badgirl) I had to request the 'traditional spelling of "Davidson". He had been misspelling it all day.

For the artists, you can judge their work right there.
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