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Clutch binding

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I started to notice this a bit yesterday and now my clutch is seeming to be tight when pulling in and binding a bit when I release (reduced pressure against the lever that is, not really the engagement of the clutch itself).

It seems like this is often a clutch slave issue, but I had an Evoluzione installed less than a year ago. Has anyone seen a failure in one of their units?

The other possible culprit might be the rod that pushes out the clutch plate. I replaced the plate and the rod came out when I tried to get the bearing out of the plate. I kept it clean and there was grease still on it when I replaced it, but could I have messed something up in doing that?

Hoping you mechanical whizzes out there can help...
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Thanks Strati - will give it a try.
I put it back in through the clutch side...
Verrrrrryyyy interesting.... Hadn't given those O-rings much thought...
Re: Clutch binding (follow up report)

Well, I opened up the slave, checked the o-rings and the clutch and noticed the plates seemed further out than usual, but couldn't see why. Took it into the shop and they pulled all the plates out and it turns out the nut holding the clutch basket was loose! When they took the clutch cover off you could see that the last plate with the fins wasn't even in the notches. Anyway they re-torqued the nut (some ridiculous amount like 170 NM, requiring 3 of them) and it is all good now. The bad part is that I missed the group ride today; the good is that I didn't get stuck or worse on some freeway.

Anyway, this is for posterity in case someone else has a similar problem, and thanks guys for all the suggestions.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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