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How fast have you taken a clover leaf before (the circle on/off ramps on freeways)? How many times in a row have you gone around and around on them?

And have you ever weaved around construction cones (right, left, right, left...) that partion off a portion of or a complete lane?

I've only gotten myself to 40mph on a clover leaf. I've done them 1.5 times in a row.

And I've always wanted to weave around those construction cones so recently I did so. It was early morning, no traffic, no construction workers and the part of the road you weren't to drive on wasn't being worked on. I only weaved around 3 or so of 'em but it was kindof fun. One thing (of many) to be careful of if you do this is that portioned off lane may have alot of dirt or gravel on it, so watch out. Anyone else do this sort of thing?
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