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Close encounters

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anyone had one?
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are you talking of the **** kind or UFO's?
ufo.......1st 2nd 3rd or 4th
there was this one time... I was crossing a field to get from my neighborhood to a friends and I saw these lights. I still am not sure what it was. My ASS hurt the next morning though.
Not UFO - but at my old house we had ghosts. Does that count? Laying in bed you could hear kids playing games. It was eerie.
ghosts- that is some $hit. Aint it? I lived in an old house in St. Paul built 1902 I think it was. I always heard "people" walking in the attic. I was always terrified of going up there. One time my roomie and I went up there to dig around and the door slammed shut on us when we up there! :eek: I dont think I ever got out of a house that fast on my life!
Not UFO - but at my old house we had ghosts.
cool, do you think one could go there still?
I sold the house over a year ago. I could break in - but me and the new owner are not on the best of terms. She sued me...because the Septic busted 60 days after she bought it. The house is from the turn of the century - in Scandia, MN (near forest lake). I bought the house from my mom. After I heard this a few times I brought it up to my mom & wife. They both said they had heard the same things. Never saw anything & no doors closed, etc. Just the voices.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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