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CLASS @ Laguna Seca

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I just signed up for a CLASS Motorcycle School, Standard School for May 21, 2004, at Laguna Seca.


I have heard really good things about this school. It's not a "racing" class. It's intended to improve street skills and confidence. It would be fun to have some DML'ers there too...if your bike will pass the sound check :p
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Re:  CLASS @ Laguna Seca

Laguna is a bit of a stretch for me at this time in my life (two litte one's) but I am thinking of trying out Thunder Hill for a track day, any Nor Cal takers?
I have done Thunder Hill in November and it was excellent! I did Sears Point this week as well... Excellent. Look into using Zoom Zoom or Keigwins. They have a great people who are extremly knowledgable. Laguna Seca is a great track, but if you are going to do a track day keep your stock pipes as they are noise controllers :(
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