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Christmas Specials at Cal-Sportbike

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Greetings All,

Well folks, Christmas is just around the corner, and you have fewer than 35 shopping left before it's time to eat yourself sick and open yet more pairs of socks and underwear from your favorite aunt!

This year we've significantly expanded our Christmas specials here at Cal-Sportbike, with a whopping 28 specials ranging from just over $30 to over $1000, and 18 of the specials are under $250!!

Start at our Christmas Gift Guide here:

For those people who want to buy you a gift but really don't know what to do and you fear being sent yet another money clip or tie, point your family and friends to us here at Cal-Sportbike! We'll even gladly walk your 80 year old grandmother through some gift ideas, and if all else fails she can get you a gift certificate good for anything in our shop or from our suppliers' catalogs!

And for those of you with wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or any significant other who rides, what better gift to get them than something they will actually USE this year?

Gift certificates can also be sent to the recipient via email, which makes it the perfect "last minute on December 23rd gift"! Certificates can be purchased here:

Merry Christmas!

Todd Robinson, Owner
Kim Youmans, Parts Manager
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