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We need to get as many people to try our Race tires that we can, so we are making this amazing "Introductory OFFER!"

$399.oo will get you a SET of either:

Conti RaceAttack DOT race tires (160/180/190-17 in Soft-Med-Endurance) or
Conti RaceAttack Slicks (180/190-17 in Soft-Med-Endurance)
This price includes any ONE single track day with The Track Club at Buttonwillow only this year, (we still have 7 available days for you to do this deal) and it includes the mounting of the tires (trackside ... wheels off the bike!)

From a tire company that has been around for 138 years (Continental was founded in 1871!) and The Track Club that is now finishing it's 15th season (producing track days since 1994) we have come up with an irresistible deal!

Conti RaceAttack DOT Race Tires & our Racing Slicks are the "New Dark Horse Race Tire" now here on the West Coast! You can only know that the company that produces them in Germany, has more experience in the tire industry than almost all the others, and is the second largest tire supplier in Europe!

We know most of you hadn't heard of the brand for motorcycle race tires, but Conti's have a rich race history in the to wheel market in Europe and has finally found a distributor here on the West Coast:
Superbike Tires along with The Track Club we are able to provide you with great race rubber at a great price, and a great opportunity to test out and discover for yourself just how good these race tires are!

To get this deal click here:

To find out about pricing only of the Conti RaceAttacks click here:

Click image below to enlargen image to see more detail!


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