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I'm not the best one to mechanically explain this but...

The stand bolts into the most rearward (?) of the two lower foot rest bolt holes. You'll need the spacers (supplied) to help you out there. There are different sized spacers so you'll have to work that one out.

The longer bolt goes through the hole in the crankcase behind the footrest bolt holes. You may have to knock out a thread insert on the right side. (don't worry about the breather tube that was there it'll sit there okay) I just used the long bolt itself and gave it a tap with a hammer. It popped right out. Probably would be better to use something else (long piece of metal rod) just in case your's doesn't come out easily. You don't want to damage the thread.

Putting the springs on can be a real pain. I found it easier to insert the small spring inside the larger one and then mount the smaller spring first. It goes on relatively easy but the larger one takes a bit of effort and I used a large screwdriver to lever it on. Strangely enough it was easier (due to space available and without taking the pipes off) to lever it on in the down position.

Take care with the spring and if it gets too hard just take to a shop. No point damaging anything just to get it on. Good luck.
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