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cdi needed

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hey guys

i want some one to help me
i have a small shop in my country and our ducati dealer sell the ducati monster cdi for 400$ each and many customer come to my place
and asking for cdi unit where i can find a shop or a meanfactor that can sell the c.d.i unit for a good price

note : i want about 100 to 300 cdi for ducati monster 400 600 750 900

please help


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CDI 6501 95£ + tax. Cheapest I`ve found.
Which country are you from?
You might want to give this guy
a poke to see if he's got something ready for production yet...


i am from Saudi Arabia

and i want to told you that there is c.d.i cheaper than 174$ for each

i well tell you some thing there is a guy he sell it for me for 48$ each and he rise the price to 60 $ each so i stooped dealing with him

and i want about 100 to 200 maby more

i try to call the meanfactor http://www.kokusandenki.co.jp/english/

but the women said that the compay could not sell to me because of the agreement between the company and the dealer

please help :'(
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