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Speeddog!!!! Here's the scoop. Nick graciously allowed my buddy Jeff and I to crash at his place for the track day at California Speedway. He lives about 8 miles from there. We all packed up and went there in the morning, including Nick who had declared that he's the day's Official Crewchief/Pit crew. Cool. Then disaster struck. As I was unloading the S4 from the truck the left clip-on breaks off in my hand. Understandably, I'm a bit upset and trying my best not to set fire to the bike. While it's in the truck. At this point my savior steps in- you guessed it, Nick saved the day. He went home, pulled his Cyclecats off his bike, came back to the track and had them mostly installed when I came back from the rider's meeting! He literally saved my day!!

I now have feelings for Nick the an heterosexual man shouldn't be talking about, much less posting on the Ducati Monster List. But I gotta admit that I love this man. Ladies and gentlemen, Nick is the living embodiment of comraderie and the spirit that motorcyclists like to believe we all possess. He probably didn't do anything that most of us would not have done, but since he did do this huge favor I would like to publicly thank him for his extreme generousity. I'm also very glad, as I'm sure Nick is also, that I didn't crash on his pretty Cyclecats. I now have a set of my own Cyclecats on the way.

I'll try and post a track day review later; I'm at work right now and I've gotta get going!
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