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I've got some Dainese two-piece leathers that I used for a full day at track school in ninety degree plus weather. I figure conservatively that I flowed about a gallon of sweat through the inside during the whole day.

The leathers came with a cleaning and preservative kit fo rthe outside. But do you ever have to clean the accumulated salt and stuff out fo the inside?

I asked my nephew who has raced drag bikes for years, and he has never heard of anyone cleaning the inside of the leathers, although he says he has salt stains on the outside of his from years of sweating in the heat.

The CE armor bits say specifically do not clean them, but anyone out there ever find the need to freshen up the inside of the suit? If so, how? Turn inside out and spray with clean water and let dry? Or are leathers like boots - wear until they wear out and just treat the outsides?
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