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[smiley=help.gif] I have a standard rear chop and have carbon fiber bug eyed tail unit from stuart at spareshack. I like it but although it is a one piece unit, it extends down and it seems this is where you should mount a license plate but it is too narrow for a regular plate and there are no holes. My questions are can I cut that carbon extension and drill holes and mount that plate right under the under the bug eyes (I have a dremel but I have never drilled or cut carbon), will it split?)
Next question is if there is anybody out there who has this unit or has seen it who can show me pics of what they have done to mount their plate without looking doofus. PLEASE HELP!
There is one on ebay now if someone want to know exactly what the heck I am talking about!

Re: carbon fiber bug eyed tail unit from spareshac

i've cut up carbon fiber before to make stuff fit my bike. use a highspeed cutoff wheel and aim carefully...

what's more important than you'd begin to guess though, is that you wear GLOVES, EYE PROTECTION, and a GOOD MASK when doing this work. carbon dust is VERY VERY NASTY so you'll want to protect yourself.
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