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Hey Everyone,

So I am replacing my stock mirrors on my new monster 797 with rizoma spy-r mirrors.

I was able to remove my clutch-side mirror easily with a Number 5 (metric) allen wrench and I noticed it has very little red loctite on the lower threading of the nut.

The brake-side mirror however... will NOT budge at all. I have no idea what they did in there, but I've tried using other tools as leverage and heated the area with a mini torch to try and loosen up the possibly insane amount of loctite... no dice

Does anyone have any advice on how to remove this sucker?

Thank you and Happy New Year!


So I believe that the nut is right threaded on both sides so Righty Loosey / Lefty Tighty so to speak.

Oops... nVm everyone

Not sure how to delete this thread so I'm updating with an edit.




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