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Anyone care to join me for a ride over to Cafe Desmo this month? I live out in Reseda, so I'll be heading across either via the 118 or 101/134.

Here's the link to the event: http://www.proitalia.com/cafedesmo/

I will probably hit the road around 8am or so and it lasts until 3pm. Let me know if you're interested!

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I actually work near both of you, at 9000 Sunset. We should get together for rides sometime! Are you going to the IBN tonight?

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Nothing cooler than having Miguel Galluzzi - designer of the original Monster -- judge your bike as best in class!

Not much for taking photos but I'm guessing ProItalia's website and facebook page will eventually have better pics.

Sato Front Axle Sliders
DP CF Front Fender
Evotech Performance Radiator & Oil Cooler Guards
Black Anodized Fork Tubes
Bosch Halogen Headlight w Powder Coated Outer Ring
Rizoma Track Turn Signals
CRG Roll-A-Click Folding Levers
Rizoma Black Handlebars
Rizoma Bar End Caps
Rizoma Clutch/Brake Fluid Reservoirs + Brackets
Rizoma Lux Grips
DP Steering Stem Nut
CRG LaneSplitter Mirror
Ohlins Steering Damper
Fuel Tank Latch Powder Coated Black
Oberon Quick-Release Fuel Cap
DP Carbon Fiber Belt Covers
14T Front Sprocket
Ducabike Front Sprocket Cover
STM Clutch Slave Cylinder
STM Frame Plugs
Engine Casings Powder Coated Black with Ducati in Red
NCR Water Pump Cover
Sato Frame Sliders
Barnett Clutch Plate Kit
EVR Clutch Pressure Plate
Ducabike Red Clutch Springs w/ Black Caps
Ducabike Clutch Cover
DP Low Seat
Rear Shock Spring Powder Coated Black
Quat-D Exbox Exhaust Ceramic Coated Black
Monza Fiberglass Belly Pan Custom Painted Black
Ducabike Adjustable Rearsets
Shift-Tech Carbon Fiber Chain Guards
Driven Rear Sprocket in Red
Tail Chop
Integrated Taillight with Sequential Signals
Shift-Tech Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
Sato Rear Axle Sliders


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