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Hey all,

I have been wanting a bike for some time now, and I have caught the itch for a Ducati and I've decided that nothing else will cure it. I've done a lot of looking around (about 4 months worth), and have come across a guy who wants to sell his 1999 Ducati m900 Dark. He is willing to get rid of it for about $2500.

Seeing this, I expect to have to do some work on it. This is fine with me because, being the grease monkey that I am, I would like to have a bit of a project bike. I was just wanting to make sure that I am not going to get in over my head as far as cost is going to go.

*The bike has 15,000 miles.
*The bike has two black keys but is missing the red one.
*There is a small ding in the tank (almost like it got shot with a pellet gun which isn't any big deal).
*Probably needs a valve job.
*There is a crack in the speedometer. (Will freaking kill me)
-Which I'm guessing will be a pain to replace without the red key.
*Needs new brakes and tires.


*I was wondering if anyone has ever converted their bike to fuel injection. If so, does someone make a kit for it?
*Has anyone converted their bike to a sing side swing arm?

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for your time...

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Hi !

I got myself a used Ducati that had 11k miles on it. Never got any problem with it, but I did double check if the maintenance required at 6k and 12k has been done and they were. So the milage isn't a factor «IF» the maintenance of the bike has been done.

The bike also have a crack in the speedometer. The crack is about half an inch and never «grew» since it appeared a few years ago. Never got any problem with the speedometre reading or fog in the window or things like that. So in my opinion not a real factor either. And indeed something expensive to replace since you can't just swap speedometre from another bike. You need a new one that hasn't been associated to an ECU before, and they're selling'em !

As for the missing red key... Well there might be an issue here. You're probably aware that the red key is the one that you need in order to create new blank keys to work with your bike. So its up to you, you still have at least 2 keys, but there's no «cheap» recovery for loosing one or even both of these keys.

As for the other questions; I'm no help !

Good luck !
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