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I’m here to seek advice on a purchase from more experienced riders. I have set my sights on a couple of monsters. However, given the information I have, it has been difficult to make up my mind on which one to actually buy.

As a starter, I’m about 80 kilos and 180cm. I wouldn’t call myself a complete rookie, but I have limited riding experience. This would be my first V2 bike.
I shall be riding mostly for leisure within city limits and nearby the city with occasional commutes between towns (some 130km). Having said that, the city that I live in has a population of 500k, so it isn’t exactly a metropolis. Also, unless I fall in love with the bike, I may not keep it for a very long time, so the easier to sell the bike the better for me. Reliability is very important. I like when things work in perfect condition.

By budget is between 4000-4500euros. (5200-5800 USD)

And the bikes that are on the menu are as follows:

*2007 Monster 695 ( 23k km) – The good: It comes in all black finish and as far as I can tell seems to be mechanically fit and well serviced. Comes with a short warranty. Handles like a charm.

The bad: It is completely stock with no extras like the rear seat cover or wind deflector etc. People say that in a while I shall grow tired of the lack of power the engine produces and will regret not buying a bit more powerful bike to begin with.

4k euros (5166 USD)


*2004 Monster S4R (23k km) – The good: I absolutely love the looks. This would be the bike I dream myself riding on. It seems well serviced. Will come with a short warranty and discount. Seems to be good value for money. I imagine it would be a quite easy bike to sell. It has plenty of power for the future. Top of the line model.

On the other hand: As everyone is saying and this appeared to be true when I had a short testdrive on it: It is a difficult bike to ride on low speeds. Doesn’t fit well in the city. The dry clutch makes a loud annoying noise while the engine is in idle. More expensive services. A bit more of a risky purchase any which way you look at it. Age (does it matter?). The most expensive of the three.


4.7k euros (6000USD)

*2007 Monster s2r 1000 (12k km) –

This bike I have not testdriven.

The good: Low mileage. Good value, seems to be one of the more popular monsters and therefore perhaps an easy sell in the future. People talk good things about this bike. I imagine it might be the correct balance between power and rideability for my skills (thenagain, the power difference with the 695 isn’t big)

The bad: I’m not in love with the paint scheme at all. It is being sold by a private seller so no warranty or certainty.


4.25k euros (5500USD)

So the big question is, which one would you take for the budget in hand, or which one would you recommend me to buy? And why? I appreciate all the info I can get.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I like the S2R1000 best of those 3 choices
(it does have a dry clutch like the S4R FYI)

you have a pretty good handle on the differences
the S4R may be difficult at low speed as it needs a 14T sprocket to lower the gearing

also this-
(thenagain, the power difference with the 695 isn’t big)
is not correct at all...it is a very noticeable difference

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I would look for an S2R800 if I were you based upon what you're looking for. Reasonable power and manners. Easy around town. Looks great.

I have an S4R, and it can be a lot of bike sometimes. Depending on your experience, it might be too much. If I were riding more in the city, I would probably look elsewhere. Plus, you'll likely want to stretch its legs occasionally, and it is very fast.

S2R1000 would prob be the best choice out of your three. If you're worried about the mechanicals, get service records and maybe have a mechanic take a look at it. I've never ridden the S2R, but I haven't seen anyone displeased either.

Good luck!
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