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Just a reminder to everyone to be careful who you buy from, and to GET PICTURES of everything if it's used.
Case in point: I recently posted for some barends, exhaust mount hardware, a mirror, and brake lever (all STOCK, key word...) in the parts wanted section and got a reply from someone who, for the sole purpose of preserving my membership shall remain nameless (unless you really wanna know...). They said they had everything but the exhaust hardware, we agreed on a price ($60 FWIW), and after repeating everything was in good condition they sent the parts out and I got the exhaust hardware elsewhere.
The only decent part was the mirror. This is what he sent for a lever and barends:

Notice that the bent lever (the one they sent) is also duller than the good one behind it. It's because they rattle-canned it black to cover up the scraped end after it came off whatever wrecked bike it was from. And after the picture, I don't really need to comment on the bar ends they sent (the plastic thing on the left of the real one)... "Stock" and "good condition" apparently means "scrap bin closeout special" in Douchebaggian.
Plus there was a handwritten note on a scrap of paper saying the bar ends were rougher than they remembered, so they sent a couple bolts and rubbers as exhaust hardware to make up for it, instead of just calling me like a legitimate business would do and seeing if I still wanted them and finding out I already got them somewhere else.
After emails went nowhere, I called and the offer I got was a refund, but only after I shipped the parts back (including the only good thing, the mirror). Now if somebody sent you this stuff, would you honestly trust them to give your money back after sending back parts and being left empty handed? A counter offer to refund half before shipping and half after receiving the parts resulted in some insults and them hanging up on me and ignoring subsequent calls.
I emailed him pictures in case somebody else shipped them and he didn't know how bad they were (it's a business, loosely defined), and I got a tantrum reply stating "Why don't you send back the lever, bar ends and free mounting hardware and go back to watching CSI. You'll get a $17 refund. I am done with you."
Long story short, I know most people on this forum are trustworthy and honest, but be sure to cover your ass anyway. There are still f*&^stains out there that feed their families by hosing the rest of us.

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That's BS man

i've been scammed a few times as well (for a couple grand in total sadly)
I know how it feels

Have u considered filing a paypal complaint?
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