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Hi there

First of all
I couldn't find any post about this and if there is shame on me :p
If this is a double post then please answer it calmly and please sticky it because there are lots of international people (like me) who would like to buy some stuff from fellow riders in Ca and US. There are some parts that are really pricey or no second hand option. So would like clear out why can/can't be shipped outside US/CA.

- I know everyone is not a computer user or uses briefly so they are not really into the internet stuff.

- Shipping may be problematic. Losts, founds, delays, multiple shipping items, different shipping prices, Different

1- How do the transaction goes if it can be shipped to worldwide. How can we trust the person and vice vesa. Can the item be put on ebay? What are the cons and pros for ebay? E.g. If I sell from ebay does it take a commission?
As I can make similarities with my local ebay site, I contact the buyer, then if there is a commission I include it the price, plus the posting then there is a total price, tell him the price and it is done.

2- Some guy told me that there is customs for normal packages and 2nd hand items. He didn't want to send it to Worldwide for that. Is it true?
Because a while ago a friend in US sent me a new exhaust kit for my chopper with normal posting (USPS). And customs has to be applied for buyer as I recall.

3- What is the biggest drawback for for the seller in a worldwide sale?

These are the first things come to mind if there is more please feel free to add and make this a good start for the classifieds for int users.

Thank for replies.
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