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Hey, so I was riding down the road and on deceleration one of the cylinders just stopped firing, and then the bike sounded like it was blowing air through water or some other liquid.

I turned it off and pushed it into a gas station, turned out the stock header had broken right where the pipe meets the plate.

I have gone ahead and gotten a new pipe from a friend of mine (this one looks relatively damaged aswell)

Anyways, Im trying to remove the old header and put on the newer one. I have removed the seat and the gas tank, and cant figure out what I need to remove next to put the darned thing on there.

If anybody has step by step instructions along with the tools needed for each part of the process, that would be awesome, and I would be very thankful.

By the way aside from just the header being messed up, is there anything else that could possibly cause the bubbling noise? Thanks.
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