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I broke a couple wiring clips on my 2019 Ducati Monster 1200. Anyone know if I need to replace the entire wiring harness or can I cut the wires and replace the connectors.

thanks !
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i can see no reason why you need do more than a simple repair.
If it were me I'd 100% just repair these. The only gotcha it to make sure you still have enough length.
The easiest might be to buy a cabled connector stub, and splice it in, rather than try to crimp a new connector to the end of the current cable.
Maybe give yourself a few extra inches of cable on the repair to allow for the soldered joint being a little stuff.

I've had luck buying ebay or amazon "bullet-connector to ducati turn-signal connectors" and just cutting off the end I needed.
Something like this but for whichever connector you actually need (these are turn signal connectors).
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