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Brembo 4 Pad Caliper Project (update)

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Decided to retire the old single pin calipers on my 96 M900 and upgrade to 4 pad calipers and narrow-band rotors

Got the 40-to-65MM mounting adapters

Got the 4 pad calipers (beautiful calipers)

Got the rotors (beautiful rotors)

First Challenge
Worked through the different thread pitch issue on the mounting bolts;

-single pin calipers use the old 1.5 thread pitch mounting bolts

-4 pad calipers use a newer 1.25 pitch

-so on older Monsters with the 40MM spacing on the fork lowers, you need a set of each type to first; get the adapters mounted to the tubes; and second, get the new calipers mounted to the adapters...8 bolts in all)

Don't bother trying to get titanium bolts to knock this together, I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with Stefano at Motowheels and he was able to find some New Old Stock buttonhead titanium bolts in inventory. The standard Titanium caliper bolts (4x10. 25sc) aren't really intended for the adapter set-up they are about 5-8 MM short of acceptable length.

Second Challenge
My fren tubo brake lines are now not long enough to reach the banjo bolt fitting points on the new calipers. They are about 1.5 inches short of where I need them.

The adapters drop the calipers down about 1.2 inches from standard positioning.

Third Challenge
Figuring out which Fren Tubo kit would have lines of sufficient length or if I need to go to Freno-tech or Goodridge and have a pair made up.

What I thought would be a straight forward 3-5 hour bolt-on session in the garage is turning into a minor odyssey that now appears to be crossing into the threshold of custom part fabrication
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Re: Brembo 4 Pad Caliper Project

Good luck man. I had been thinking of doing something similar and it sounds like more work then i was planning! :)

Keep us posted, btw, do you have a digital camera to take picks as you go along?

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