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Breakfast at S&W

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Anyone want to meet at S&W for breakfast this Saturday or Sunday at 8a?

It makes a perfect meeting place for the following reasons:

a) Monster Riding Employees
b) Ducati sticker in window
c) Ducati Meccanica Bologna sign behind the counter
d) If people roll in late those already there are eating, drinking and relaxing
e) Close to the 10 Freeway, we can easily head to the coast from there
f) It would look cool to see 8-11 Monsters taking up the spots in front of this small diner
g) Anyone interested in recruiting can do it then ;)
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I'd like to ride up there and eat some GRUBB..I'm not 100% sure I can make it as I have things to do this weekend BUT I'd like to try. I'll find out tommorow.
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