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Brakes howling

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It seems that whenever my front brakes are wet, cold, or both, whenever I'm braking at low speeds, they emit this loud howling noise and feel like they are slipping. The rear is fine, so I just use that when the front makes noise, but obviously I need the front to not do this for emergency situations, like the one that occured 10 minutes ago. Once again, front brakes are making a very loud howling noise and it feels like the pads are slipping on the discs. What the hell is going on?

Between this and the crappy gas mileage problem (http://www.ducatimonster.org/smf/index.php?topic=64253.0), this S4R isn't making me really happy.

As a side question, I took off the clutch cover today and noticed that, when engine braking, running at a constant speed, or really any time I'm not accelerating, the clutch rattles. Basically, with the clutch fully engaged, it will still make some clatter under those situations. Is this normal?
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have you checked the pad wear?

and yes, the rattle is completely normal and most desirable by a lot of folks who buy Ducatis ;)
Oh, I love the rattle, I just wasn't sure if it was supposed rattle while underway. I've gotta say, when I finally got around to taking the cover off, I didn't think it would be as cool as it has turned out to be! I love the sound it makes, and I'm already thinking of dressing up the clutch a bit. I thought I could hold back on the mods as much as I did with the 620, but that isn't going to happen ::)
Sorry to hear your having so many problems jag, I've had them too. Eventually the bike will run well and you'll be happy with the bike.
Oh, I'm sure it'll be awesome once I get all the problems worked out. I'm more frustrated about the gas mileage than anything.
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