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Recently I bought a pair of Alpinestars S-MX boots. I specifically chose a bit sporty boot to have a harrow tow so I can use the shifter.

But what I found out was that it's was pretty difficult to upshift in these boots. I adjusted the lever to be more "up" but then it's inconvenient to downshift.

Any thoughts? experience? ???

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One suggestion is to change your gearshift around to the "GP" style. I've found that upshifting is so much easier when it's just a quick tap downwards. As far as downshifting goes, it's more of a deliberate thing for me, so I have the time to think about wedging my foot in there. Worked for me.
I'd include links to posts that dealt with this, but I'm on dial-up right now, and it's a pain in the butt. Try the search function - plenty to be had.
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