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No, I don't, but there was a thread on here one time about after market steel braided lines... not sure if that helps..

Another idea, something that I want for my s4, is the foggy style pipes in the coolant system... is there a foggy owner out there that can tell me if the whole system is pipes, or just some of it? If so, you could send those to jet hot coatings and I think they do colored coatings, or just powercoat them.

check the parts pages to see if the s4 uses the same stock hoses as the 996. if so, yoyodyneti.com has snazzy coolant hoses for those bikes.

as for the pipe found on the foggy. you'd be looking at a crazy backorder (wait period) but you can order it from ducati. here's the part #'s:


rubber adaptors

should cost less than $100.

i was considering this myself a while back. also considering stainless lines. then i thought... i'd rather attract as LITTLE attention to those hoses as possible so the stock black rubber hoses are ok in my book. for now anyways!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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