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Bling my rearsets, Carbon and more sale.

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Welcome to Crazy Yuus ‘Clutch and Rearset bling’ parts sale.

The stock rearsets and clutch pressure plate on my 900 have got to go. So time to clean out the parts shelf!

On the block we’ve got a bunch – so here goes!

DP Carbon bikini fairing. Made for ’99 and earlier Monsters. But it’s been spotted on a number of ‘00+ monsters too. Get some sexy for your monsters. Sold

Carbon rear hugger for ‘02+ Steel swing arms. Fits 620s and 695 for sure, may fit some other models. It just got a buff and glaze so it’s ‘see yourself in it’ shiny. This is the one that’s patterned after the stock Sold

DP Carbon Dry Clutch cover. More sexy! No scuffs, but the coating has come up around one of the bolt holes. $75

DP Carbon Sprocket cover. Oh look, even more carbon! Glossy, but the edges show a little wear. Sold

Pair of 300mm Rotors. About 4k on them. Take offs from when I did a brake upgrade. Direct fit for 620s 695s and S2R 800s. Errr, nothing witty to say about these. $150

Oberon mirrors, black. Are they mirrors? Are they weights? They’re both! Will fit all standard 7/8th bars. Sold

Pix will be up soon. If you want a specific angle or detail just let me know – please provide an email.

The fine print:
Small light items the price listed is w/ shipping. Shipping for heavy or bulky items will be extra. Paypal is preferred.

Will trade for:
good to like new condition
-‘Diversion’ style front hugger
-CF headlight mounts
-CF headlight Bucket
-’00 Al Swing arm CF rear hugger
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And some photos...
And some more. The calipers have been sold already.

*edit - added photos of the Hugger. You can see my house...
pix of the hugger? I want the sprocket cover!
No photos of the rear hugger right now. I thought I was going to be selling it to someone at work, so I didn't bother. I'll snap some tomorrow in the day light.

Drop me a PM and we can discuss the details.
I may be in the market for some extra rear sets in the coming months just to keep around the garage...so maybe we can woik som'tin' out mang?

I just got a 2000 M750. Need to measure just to be sure but, I am in the market for the mirrors. I will be in the DC area the 26-27th. Any way I might be able to pic them up if you still have them and they work for me?

If you have standard bars, they will fit. I've tested them on stock moster bars and 7/8th OD clip=on bars. Unless you've got somethign whacky, they will fit.

Someone else did PM me about them, so check here to see if they are still around when you hit DC.
Sale items updated... and back up
got my sprocket cover over the holidays...thanks bro... i shall bling it proud for you
hey let me know if you still have the rearsets.

I have no rearsets for sale, not do I plan on selling the stockers anything in the foreseeable future.
rear hugger??? i am in SoCal, where is the hugger?
The original post is up to date - and notes that it's sold. It was the 1st to go.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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