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billet m900 swingarm

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i am making a billet swingarm for my bike and wanted to share it with you guys. it is almost done, will go out for anodizing after we do final fit/adjustment.

i cant seem to get the photos on the page so if anyone would send me their email who would like to post them please send an email to [email protected]

there are 5 files about 150k each.


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upload your photos to the web. Then create a new post, put (img)www.blahblah.com/image.jpg(/img) in there except change all the ( brackets to [.
Thanks for the email, that is a wicked looking piece [thumbsup]
Can someone post this pic purdy please.
a billet swingarm?

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't eagerly awaiting pictures of this. :)
i sent them to mark savoy and he will post them. i sent to a few others as well, so i guess they could put them up if you cant wait any longer!
Wow, that's going to be super nice once anodized. I don't even want to hazard a guess that the cost of that bit.
How much does that weigh compare to the stocker?
weighs almost the same .5lb more than stock. started out as 84lbd, now it is 11.

i did not do it to be lighter, just bad ass cool!
just bad ass cool!
And for sure it is! 8) [thumbsup] [clap]
Make it longer. j/k

Very nice. [clap]
WOW! [thumbsup]
Just got home -- looks like someone posted the images for you already.

Beautiful work! There is a LOT of CNC time into that swingarm for whomever made it! Glad to see something new and innovative being made out there! [thumbsup]

ps: is that a sneak peak on the desk of the next item for the Ducati?
WOW... that_is_sweeeet...
How much to get one made while the machine is still setup? or maybe the program file for the cnc and I'll get it made at work! :)
ugh......tat's one of the best looking mod's in quite a while DAmn man...great job.
thanks for all the compliments but they are really duew to my machinist. i gave him a basic concept and just said run with it. i guess it helps he has three ducatis and a whole pile of other bikes, including the only 1000 drysdale ever built. he has put thousands of hours into building parts for his bikes and they are all masterpieces. truely unbelievable stuff.

as for cost, if people are interested in them, i am guessing that interest will end when the price becomes available. i have no idea what they will cost because i was afraid to aske when we started the project. i figured i would whimp out if i knew so i just told hime to make it and bill me. i am guess it is going to be expensive since the 84lb block was close to $700 alone.

we are also designing a billet girder style front end that may go to production, depends on the 2007 budget!
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