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Guys, this thread is not for conversation. If you want to ask questions, please us PMs.

Also, can everyone please put some information about the mods you've done to your bikes, that's why this thread is here. ;)

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Zard full system - Titantium cans/Stainless Steel headers
Airbox lid removed
K&N filter (held with zip ties)
Power Commander III, dyno custom map
14t front sprocket
Ventura chrome handlebar with Genmar risers
CRG adjustable clutch and brake levers with some additional anodizing
Headwinds 4 1/2 inch headlamp, powdercoated
Competition Werkes tail chop
Clear alternatives integrated tail light
Cykel front indicator LED's
Rizoma Reverse bar end mirrors
Painted belt covers
Powdercoated clutch and alternator covers
Powdercoated swing arm
Powdercoated rear sets
Painted spring
Painted front sprocket cover
Frame sliders - Ozy knobs (local brand, identical to cycle cats)
Removed side covers
Removed old headlight brackets
Removed mudguard plate from bottom triple

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My baby: 97m750
chopped & painted stock exhaust
chopped tail
powder coated frame
powder coated rearsets
removed belt covers
painted valve covers
painted cam caps
painted headlight bracket
custom color tank and fender
painted brake calipers
14/41 spockets
(performance mods coming this winter)

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Picture taken at the 2006 Monster Challenge finals at Barber in April.


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2004 M800i.e.

- Ducati Performance headlight fairing
- Ducati Performance clipons
- New 15/45 sprockets + DiD ERV3 chain
- Clear Alternatives brake light
- Yoyodyne LED turn signals
- CycleCat frame sliders
- CycleCat sprocket cover (Ti)
- CycleCat DRS23/DEH3 Rearsets (Ti)
- Speedymoto upper+lower triple clamps (Ti)
- Showa fully-adjustable front forks, re-sprung by GP suspension (Thanks, GregP!)
- Cookie1 tailchop kit
- Ohlins 46PRCS rear shock
- Ohlins SD154 steering damper
- Cored, peeled, shortened, and polished stock exhaust cans
- Rizoma mirrors
- Open airbox
- Dyno tuned to 87 rwhp
- Mild cylinder head porting job by Silverback Racing (Thanks to Fred and Doug!)
- Power Commander w/ custom map
- PoorDucRider fairing stays
- Marchesini 5-spoke wheels (Thanks, Trent!); powdercoated black (formerly Senna red)

Follow the "My bike" link in my sig for more pictures and info

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As per feature.

1995 600M Monster  - Genuine Australian Spec delivered bike.
- Major rebuild of bike (see link)
- Custom Paint on frame, tank, cowl, fender, wheels, engine etc...
- Staintune slip-ons, Raceline foam airpods, rewire of harness, extras...
- Several old parts replaced for new, bearings, belts, chain, sprockets, slave cylinder etc...
- Wireless miniture speedometer and no cluster.
- Ducati SS brake & clutch 'goldline' masters cylinders on Kawaka adjustable clip-ons.
- Reinforced frame, (ie 888 copy)
- Tailchop, mini indicators and DML temp guage, honda CBR mirrors, special lights etc.
- Removal of several unwated plastics, parts etc...
- 900 2v engine conversion, now completed. Pics to come.

See/read more here: http://www.ducatimonster.org/featured/2006nov/featured1106.html
>:D PM me for more details.

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;) Sorry. Bike here is 95% stock and is currently under construction after major accident in downtown, San Francisco. Bike will have a new tank, short mirrors & turn signals, short tail kit, Termi high pipes, ecu, air box, light-alloy flywheel, oil cooler, STM stuff, custom handle bars, steering damper, white face gauges, frame sliders, autographed wind screen by Capirossi himself and more carbon fiber than a stealth fighter. I will repost with new photos when I'm done fixing her up as this Monster will never look the same again. YO!JOE!!!

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Not the best pic of my bike but it will have to do for now.


Garmin Rino w/ RAM mount
Rizoma turn signals
Renthal 14t Sprocket
Clear Alternatives Tail light
Arrow full system
Poor Duc Rider fairing stays (#1!)
Sargant Saddle (for those long rides to Yellowstone)
DP Carbon Tail
DesmoTimes Sprocket Cover
Evo Clutch Slave
Evo License Plate Relocater
Monstrack Mirrors
CRG Levers

Rev Pack Jr. for that lots and lots of Camping Gear

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My ST-2 :)

Take one ST-2 and rip off all the fairings, grind off the mounts, powdercoat, relocate everything electrical, rewire and ride.
The current mods are:

  • dual HID headlight
  • small carbon fairing
  • Autometer rev counter
  • ABM top yoke
  • Renthal handlebars
  • Rizoma indicators
  • Rizoma grips
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Nissin brake master cylinder
  • Multistrada (Brembo) clutch master cylinder
  • HEL steel braided brake lines
  • SIL carbon exhaust
  • Hella rear indicators
  • LED taillight
  • Re-covered monster seat
  • Aluminum radiator grill
  • Carbon hugger
  • bet I've forgoten something...
I feel the design is still slightly unbalanced and I will fit high pipes this winter spring... that should help. Also I like the idea of a 999 style headlight fairing. See my blog for more pics.

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05 S4R
Zard full system
DP carbon short tail
Kellerman mini turnsignals
Evo clutch slave cylinder
Cycle Cat open clutch cover
DP pressure plate
Napoleon barend mirrors
FBF open airbox conversion
TPO emission removal kit
Power Commander III USB
SpeedyMoto frame sliders


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Greetings people, being new to this forum/site I thought i should start with showing you what i ride.

Bought it brand new in October, so the list of modifications is quite slim and the only modification I've done so far is quite appearent, so have a look-see.

Oh, and by the way, I'm looking for new mirrors (carbon), so my Dumbo or should I say mickey mouse ears are to be replaced.

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03 M1000 (TIG air filter, power commander, arrow slip ons, cycle cat bars,
evoluzione clutch slave cylinder, license plate relocation, handlebar grips)

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