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Came across a thread on SVrider.com that I thought would be awesome. They have it as a sticky.


It's basically people's bikes with a small write up of the mods. It's an awesome visual reference with a list of the mods right there. And if you adhere to the rules of the thread it would be an extremely useful reference. Here are the rules to the thread.

The Rules:
1. Post 1 picture per bike only,
2. small write up of what the bike is and mods
3. Do NOT reply in this thread, JUST PICTURES (replies will be deleted or moved to http://www.ducatimonster.org/smf/index.php?topic=66244.0 without comment or notice)
4. Contact bike owners via PM with questions

Please upload and link to your picture. Do not attach it. If you attach a picture of your bike, it will eventually turn into a red X. Here's a How-To for uploading pics.

[MM edit: I created a folder in the Gallery area for your bike pix for this thread:]

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Re: Thread Idea - Bikes of the DML

1996 Ducati M900, pretty much stock except for the Turbocharger, FCR Carburetors, TwinTube Clutch Cover, Inline Case Filter, Ceramic Coated Street Sweeper Exhaust, Fully Adjustable Forks, Wave Rear Rotor, Aluminum Chicane Wheels, Chromed Tubular Rearsets, Ducati Single Foot Pegs, uCluster Instrument Pod, LED Tune Signals, Rizoma Mirrors, Oil Temperature Gauge, SportVue HUD, Corbin Saddle, Seat Cowl, Chrome Grips, Duck Foot Kickstand, CGR Levers, Front Master Cylinder Covers, GP Pattern Shifter, Aluminum Drive Belt Covers, Aluminum Frame Plugs, Aluminum Radiator Mounting Brackets, DML Crankshaft Cover, Vented Front and Rear Fender, Powder Coating Frame, Chromed Gas Tank, Chromed Air Box and Chromed Tail Chop Loop.


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Re: Thread Idea - Bikes of the DML

2000 M900S ie

DP carbon fuel tank with Corse paint scheme
Marchesini 5 spoke wheels with machined lip
Termignoni carbon exhaust
Rizoma Clip-ons
Matris 'M3' steering damper
Rizoma bar ends w/ sliders
Brembo radial master cylinders, 999 style
Brembo 4 pad calipers
Custom Spiegler front brake lines
Racetech Gold valves and springs
K&N air filter
Evoluzione clutch slave
Rizoma 1/2 clutch cover w/ carbon insert (which fell off some place)
Speedy Moto Red 'Shinobi' pressure plate & barnett clutch pack
MadDuc Black beveled clutch spring retainers and stainless springs
Sargent seat
42T anodized red rear sprocket
Rizoma 'Reverse Retro' bar end mirrors on Rizoma slider bar ends
DP carbon ft. fairing - not on currently
DP carbon airducts
DP carbon rear seat cowl
DP carbon side panels w/custom decals
'Diversion' style front hugger
Shift-Tech Carbon 1/2 Tail chop
Clear Alt. Integrator tail light
Rizoma Zero turn signals
Sidestand bypass
Cycle Cat sidestand +1"
Race style billet fuel cap
Corsair axle adjuster plates
TPO Dragon spark plug wires.

Now for 2008
Quick disconnects on the tank
Port and Polished heads
Fully open airbox

When I got her for Monstermash:

A more current shot:


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Re: Thread Idea - Bikes of the DML

01 m900ie
Custom paint by Red Baron. (designed by moi)
Custom tank and tail decals by Tapeworks.
Motowheels vented clutch cover (black), pressure plate (red), spring retainer (gold) and stainless steel springs.
Napoleon bar-end mirrors.
Speedymoto frame sliders.
Tommaselli adjustable clip-ons. (DML store [thumbsup])
Termignoni lo-mount slip-ons.
(typical DML must do's; frame stickers, reflector, licence plate hanger trim, smog equipment and belt cover removal)

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as a 620

modifications for the EVILution of my 2002 M620ie dark:

so my toes could reach the ground:
-Fast by Ferracci ride height adjusting rod; lowered bike ~2 "
-chopped sidestand to accomodate lowering
-shaved seat

-sidestand cutoff bypass
-tail chop, removal of :reflectors, stickers, breather box, emissions crap; relocated voltage regulator.
-Lightech aluminum crankcase breather, w/ K&N filter attached
-Power Commander 3 dyno-tuned
-Pipercross hi-flow air-filter
-SilMotor High-mount Megaphone 105db
-ceramic coated matte black headers
-stainless heat shields
-skid plate welded to lower (front cylinder) header for protection due to decreased ground clearance
-dual front brake conversion, black brake carriers
-brake calipers painted black
-Galfer wave rear brake rotor
-14t front sprocket
-46 t black hard anodized Sprocket Speciatlies rear sprocket
-Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder
-DP satin aluminum seat cowl
-DP satin aluminum front fender
-DP satin aluminum lower cowl (chin fairing)
-DP aluminum side covers
-DP aluminum oil sensor cover
-DP aluminum oil filler cap
-billet aluminum race gas cap
-LP aluminum rear turn signals
-satin aluminum silver frame plugs
-engine covers stripped of ugly stock paint and brushed finish by hand
-brushed aluminum valve covers from a Pantah
-custom aluminum belt covers
-BAT performance billet aluminum sprocket cover
-DML crankcase cover
-Scotts stainless oil filter
-rebuildable fuel filter
-quick disconnects on fuel lines
-aluminum swingarm from S4
-Marchesini 5 spoke wheels from an S4
-adjustable front forks from an ST
-Oberon Ti-finish preload adjusters
-powdercoated black triples
-top-mount Matris M3 steering damper
-Rizoma silver aluminum grips/ Pro-Grip gels depending on mood
-Napoleon bar-end mirrors
-Shock LED front turn indicators mounted to frame
-Clear Alternatives tail light cover
-High Tech Speed LED brake light with integrated turn signals;with 40 programable patterns
-Scorpio alarm with perimeter sensor
-Cycle Cat frame sliders
-Cycle Cat clip-ons (black risers)
-Cycle Cat rear sets (black)
-axle sliders
-dual headlights (soon swapping in Hella Xenon HID Micros)
-British Army gas mask
-axle sliders
-gas tank powdercoated matte black
-Tapeworks black reflective tank decals & rim stripes

since winter 2006-2007, additions include:
-M 900 engine swapped in
- SpeedyMoto Kukri pressure plate, red
- SpeedyMoto 5 spoke clutch cover, silver
- Ti-finish spring cap retainers
- Ti-finish billet aluminum axle adjuster plates
- Ti-finish aluminum coffin covers
- Braketech AXIS brake rotors
- Hella XE HID micro dual lights
- 41t black hard anodized Vortex rear sprocket
- custom brushed finish billet belt covers
- carbon fiber tank/key guard from Shift-Tech
- custom seat with gel insert and carbon fiber- look vinyl
- raised seat height and replaced side stand with stock one. Now I have a big persons bike [laugh]
- forks rebuilt with RaceTech springs and gold valve kit
- DESMO crankcase cover

new pile of additions waiting:
- 4 pad Brembo brake calipers
- IMSRL billet triples

now as a 900

edit: here's my extra "track" tank which I ghetto-camo'd with Krylon

edit new krylon special paint job [laugh] :


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2003 800 Dark

Tail chop
14 tooth countershaft sprocket
CF superbike front fender, side covers, tank guard, and heel guards
Desmogged with K & N crankcase filter
Acerbis Cyclops headlight
Shortened front turn signals
Bar end mirrors
Relocated voltage regulator
Shorty cored cans
1" handlebar risers
Flat black belt and countershaft covers
Red stripe on gastank, seat cowl, and wheels
Removed reflectors and all manner of warning and ID sitckers


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'01 M900Sie

Tail chop
Bar-end Mirrors
Speedymoto Clutch Cover
Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight
Ohlins Rear Shock
Woodcraft Clip-Ons
OEM Euro Carbon Side Covers
Emissions Removal
DP Carbon Slip-Ons
Pazzo Shorty Levers

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Crap I've done to my '05 S2R Dark:
- Braking 320mm petal rotors
- Brembo 4 piston calipers (S2R 1000)
- Showa TiN SBK forks (998)
- Bored top triple (S4R)
- Magura handlebar (S4R)
- CRG Hindsight LS mirrors
- Brembo medicine bottle brake master (S2R 1000)
- Brembo medicine bottle clutch master (S2R 1000)
- Speedy Moto clutch slave
- Speedy Moto frame sliders
- Arrow CF full system
- Ducati Performance Short Tail
- Ducati Performance lightweight 42T rear sprocket
- Desmo Time Sprocket cover - I can't even remember which is is... :[ http://www.desmotimes.com/product17.htm
- Foot pegs - don't remember the brand, but they're *way* better than stock (not in this pic)
- Seat cowl - not really a mod but doesn't come stock with my bike ;)
- Tapeworks reflective rim stripes

I'm currently waiting for a fully adjustable shock. :)

Sold, gone to a happy home. :)

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1998 M900S

Mods: Removed airbox with K&N pod filters
Factory Pro jet kit (42.5 pilots, 155 mains)
DP Remus Slip-ons
Removed stock mirrors, replaced with one 3rd Eye
Custom tail-chop
Removed clutch cover, replaced springs, painted pressure plate and springs
Evoluzione clutch slave


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'04 S4R
DP Corse 50mm Termignoni kit including:
-SPS cams
-DP air filter and open cover
Ducati Performance stuff:
-res. covers
-top mount steering damper
-inspection cover
-carbon short tail
-carbon Superbike fender
-belly pan
-pressure plate
Cycle Cat stuff:
-kickstand (+1)
-clutch cover
-frame sliders
-sprocket cover
-spring retainers

BCM machined flywheel
CRG levers
Sargent seat
Clear lenses all around w/ led tail
OURY street grips
Race Tech gold valves (f) re-sprung (f & r)
DML temp gauge oil filler cap
Stainless clutch springs
Shift Tech cabon hugger
Shift Tech carbon front chain guard
Evo clutch slave
Foggy water pipe

*Not shown
Tidy rad cover
Speedymoto black triple clamp set
Blue Samco silicone rad hoses
Fren Tubo Kevlar brake and clutch lines

rear Ohlins
lightweight wheelset


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2003 Monster 620 Dark
reflector & stickers eliminated
Termignoni High-Pipes (stickers removed)
Barnett Clutch & Springs
Tail Chop
Kellerman Signals (being replaced soon)
CRG - Hindsight Mirrors
CycleCat frame sliders
CycleCat Rearsets
Motowheels Clip-ons
Painted Timing Belt covers
14t Sprocket
Custom Ride-Height Rod
motowheels Sprocket Cover

<--older picture
<-- more recent picture
furry seat temporary
dirt permanant

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Sorry they're action shots, I never thought to shoot them standing still [cheeky]

2002 M620
2003 M800 Engine
Highmount Termi slip ons
FIM U59 ECU w/full dynotune
Braktech Rotors
Brembo 19x20 Radial Matser Cyl
Brembo Goldline Clutch Master
Custom Front lines
Marvic Magnesium P1 wheels
748 race bodywork
SPA Technique Tach/Oil Temp gauge
Cyclecat Rearsets
Cyclecat Framesliders
S4 Shock
Updated Adjustable Supersport Forks

2001 M900ie
FIM ECU remapping
Arrow High mount exhaust
Valtermoto Rearsets


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Its a black 1999 Monster 750 (not a dark, a shiney black one...)

I bought it new in Dec '99 (hmmm, I just realised, it'll be exactly 7 years on Saturday!). It's now got ~167,000km (105,000miles) on it.

Its close to bone stock - Staintune slipons (on stock headers), chopped airbox with a K&N filter, FactoryPro jetkit, FrenTubo kevlar braided brake lines, 14-42 gearing, DML oil filler temp guage, SpyBall alarm, Evoluzione clutch slave upgrade piston, cheapo adjustabe brake and clutch levers...


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'03 620 i.e. Dark

-Custom paint Titanium w/ black shading & carbon fiber logos..props to LandShark for a job well done!! (originally Silver-Dark)
-SIL Megaphone Slip-ons
-K&N filter
-Open airbox
-14T Sprocket
-Painted bits..black shock, belt covers
-Aftermarket taillight & indicators
-Seat cowl
-Garmin GPS
-exhaust wrap
-removed reflectors, stickers, etc.
- >50,000 miles (bought new 4/03)


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'01 M900 Cromo

- Custom swingarm and rearsets by Norm at Motomaxy
- Custom seat by Rich's Seats in Seattle (best mod eva!)
- Cycle Cat clip-ons
- Buell Cyclone windscreen
- Rizoma fluid cups
- Speedymoto pressure plate and clutch cover
- SBK fender
- Custom black paint by Ducpainter (Nate)
- Extremetech under the triple damper
- Ducati Performance high mount slip-on exhaust
- Ceramic Coated header and S-pipes by Performance Coatings
- 1/2 tail chop by me
- El cheapo bar end mirrors
- Removed stickers/reflectors/other useless crap
- Sprocket cover (red anodized) - don't remember maker...can't see it in the pic anyway. It looks sweet though! ;)


'97 M750 --- too ugly to post pictures of [laugh]

01' m944 Chromo:

Machined flywheel
Paulimoto Clutch basket
944 Hi-comp pistons
Power Commander
K&N pod filters

MotoMaxy Rear swingarm (coming soon)
Motomaxy Fork braces (coming soon)
SBK front forks with racetech internals
Ohlins Rear (coming soon)

Brakes & clutch
M900S Floating Rear brake
Wave rear rotor
SBK front disks
Brembo GP masters

Powdercoated frame
Polished side cases
Polished everything
DP Octopod gauge cluster (modified)
Polished rear cowl
Desmorados clutch cover
Rizoma reservoirs
Rizoma belt & chain covers (polished)
Headwinds headlight, taillight & turnsignals (along with custom brackets to make it fit)
Polished rear cowl
Redone wiring harness
Relocated oil cooler
Roadracing front frankenfender (made out of two different fenders)

(more shots here: http://www.ducatimonster.org/featured/2005dec/featured_dec05.html)

And my favorite mod of all:
Monster Challenge Finalist Crankshaft Cover [cheeky]

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2006 620ie, fully farkled by the previous owner with:
Termi carbon high pipes
DP carbon belt covers
DP carbon rear hugger
DP carbon short tail
DP carbon side covers
DP carbon sprocket cover
alloy turn signals
Cycle Cat rearsets
CRG adjustable levers
CRG bar-end mirrors
misc bits of gold-anodized aluminum
and yes, dammit, the original reflectors on the forks. [cheeky]

I've added an adjustable ride-height rod, and there's more to come...
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