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Bike (scam or not?????) on Ebay.....Today!!!!! any good 620ie for sale???

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Hi all

There is a bike we are looking at it finishes tomorrow, Paul C knows about it . I was wondering does anyone live close by? to have peeky boo at it? My hubby's a bit hesitant without someone we know viewing it. PM me if you like. I asked the seller about Keys and card? He says he only has the red Key what does that mean?

Cheers Egas ;D

Added info

We got in contact with the seller today. Paul C was looking at it as well. He was very sketchy on details 06 620ie no rego had supposedly newly registered it but could not give us rego details???had only done 2,900klms and had only the red key for it???? lost the other ones?? Reckons it fell over in the shed and he replaced the forks because they got damaged in the fall??? and he had been buying all sorts of things for it on history in Ebay half of which was not even on the bike.

My hubby was suss and I asked a few questions of Monstermick and the like and he said to go with my hubby's gut feeling. Well low and behold we rang him back about the rego details and he replied it had been sold to someone not through ebay and has now put a buy now price on it of $9,000.00 I think hes a bit dodge. Just thought I would let you know (Paul C) and others.

So if anyone knows of a good 620ie for sale that is not to over the top in price let me know as I now have a daughter who has a postie but loves riding my Monster GRRRRRRRRRR??????? [thumbsup]

Cheers Egas
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I recently boight a new monster, and was given two black keys and a red key. The black keys are for "general use", and the red key is the master key for the immobiliser. I was told that I could easily get the black keys replaced, but that should I lose all 3 keys, it would cost almost $4K to replace the ignition system. Apparently, the keys have some sort of emitter in them that the ignition system needs to operate against.

I agree, if something is "too good to be true", it generally is. Probably best to go with your gut feelings.
I agree with the other comments egas, if it doesn't feel right then better to listen to your gut.

To me the whole thing seems suspect as well, esp given the description of the contact you've had with them. Other things:
- it has been dropped. even it is is only in the garage. Enough of a drop to warrant replacing the forks. :(
- you don't know the age or history of the forks. may be an expensive modification to rectify. :(
- for the 9k I would have thought that there would be at least some pipes with it :(
- it has done low kms, but has it been run in properly, has it been serviced correctly etc etc.. :-\
- it's in another state, and thus it is hard / expensive for you to have a look. I or someone else in nsw could go and have a look, but I would probably feel better if someone like Ron @ flywheels gave it the once over - a mechanic we know and trust.... If you were serious about buying it, I am sure you could talk to Ron and the owner and see what it would cost for Rons time and then negotiate around it.

A lot of potential negatives there..... If it were me, I'd let it go.

Dave is right, the red key is the important one with fuel injected monsters. There should be a code card, as well as two black keys as well. The red key should be put in a safe place and not used to start the thing!

For another 620 you might want to contact (pm) white lion aka Hugh - he has a nice shiny red one with termis and he was thinking of selling it. He was and is fastidious about the bike and I doubt that you'd find a better example. It is a 620 lite (learner legal) and brand new with very few kms on it from memory, so maybe he will be asking outside your price range, but worth a try.

Other than that, try bikepoint.com.au or bikesales.com.au - I have found them better than ebay. Oh and don;t forget to get a REVS check to see if the title is clear (i.e it is not stolen nor has it any money owing on it)
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Lucky I had enough time to retract my bid [thumbsup]


from what you have found out this sounds very sus and I would avoid it like the plauge. The guy doesn't know what year it is [laugh]

Sounds like a little old lady owned it and only used it to go the shops [laugh]
Paul.C said:
Sounds like a little old lady owned it and only used it to go the shops [laugh]
OI !! are you saying that monstermick owned it ?? ;D :eek: :eek: ???

what's with the old ladies riding monsters down to the shops ? [laugh] [laugh]
Egas, maybe you should pm White Lion as he has a 620 learner legal.

He was thinking of upgrading!

Top bike too! [thumbsup]

What was suss was we contacted him by email to get a phone number, we noticed that he had purchased front forks from Europe and a bikini fairing in Nov & Dec 06, When we rang him the first time we had a conversation about the bike and he made out he had purchased the forks locally. Then he said that the bike had been owned by a young bloke who had lost his licence. When asked why he replaced the forks he said they had a scratch from falling in the garage! Paid $700 for the new forks according to his Ebay history. Noticed that he had also purchased an engine cover for a monster as well. Got the feeling that the bike may have been a repairable write off and he was covering it up. Said it was his wife''s bike.

Noticed that his history showed buying and selling/dismantling vehicles.

Said the bike was 12 months old but he previous owner, who had only done 1200ks on it had let the rego run out. He bought it for his wife and the kays went up to 2900. He said he had just registered the bike ( so were they riding it around unregistered or was it being repaired and off the road). Advised us the bike had just been registered in Dec 06 ( repaired and re-registered?). When we asked for the rego number he couldnt provide it but said, someone who had previously bought a bike from him was going to have a look at it also. Said we would ring him back to get the rego number to do a REVS check, when we rang him back he said it was sold. In the meantime a buy it now price was put on the sale, which wasnt there before $9000 - and he had placed a note on the Ebay site saying not to bid on the bike because it had a problem. This was after he told us he had sold it. Weird.

He denied it being a repairer, but all indications lead us to that conclusion. Would have preferred that he was straight up, but anyway that''s the end of that one.

Might be worth remembering his Ebay name - he seems to have a few bike related items- and claims to have sold a 749 and to owning a Multistrada.
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Egas, maybe you should pm White Lion as he has a 620 learner legal.

He was thinking of upgrading!

Top bike too! [thumbsup]
I second that! Having ridden Ian's might Spada behind WhiteLion while lane-splitting on the coathanger, I can say that bike sounds phenomenal with the Termis [thumbsup] Well worth a look.
I'm an idiot (or an old lady cough, cough.) a bloke in Appin (my town) had a Monster Dark 620(?) for sale havent seen it lately but if you want Egas I can go and see if its still for sale and get some info on it?

goldFiSh said:
.... if it doesn't feel right then better to listen to your gut.
At risk of insulting the mod, that made me laugh.

end threadjack
sorry dude, could not resist.
back to the topic, though - this sounds dodgy.
Methinks this is a write-off repair job.
just had a look at this.

the auction has been ended by the seller.
appears theres a 'problem with the bike' :police:
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