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I bought my 1999 M900 a few months ago. After ridding it home I found the rear hugger covered in oil (it had leaked out of the crank case breather). I drained the excess oil, approximately a quart! Shortly after the bike started running poorly fouled plugs stalling, at low RPMs and the right can and exhaust gas is much hotter. It is possible that the engine has sustained permanent damage from the oil overfill? The previous owner has agreed to split the repair cost (if any). I am taking the bike in this week for its 3K service. Thanks for any heads-up I can get.

What's the mileage on the bike ?
How long did you ride it around with the oil level high ?
I'm assuming this is a carb'ed bike ?
When did the owner last get a service done ?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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