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Best prices Arrow Exhaust

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If it would be possible, could I get some replys on How much for the Arrow slip-ons exhaust for an S2R 800 and where did you get them.. thank you ::)
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The best place to get s2r 800 Arrow Titanium full exhaust system without paying retail $1400.00 is me. 1 year old $650.00 obo
i found and bought my full arrow system on the monster board, $900 new in the box. just keep an eye out.
just found this one on ebay ...

Full C/F: $1,100 installed - local dealer
Full Ti system with removable baffles $600. I should have my new system in 3 weeks.
Tracmonster, may I ask why you are selling your Arrow system?
Cheapest I found Slipons is 895.00 shipped.

870 + 25shipping

The dml exhaust survey is way off. Update??
Arrow Titanium slip-ons at Ca-cycleworks (sponsor) for $700.
kbuddy said:
Arrow Titanium slip-ons at Ca-cycleworks (sponsor) for $700.
plus 170 for the S pipes and shipping.
Red Racing
silentbob said:
Full Ti system with removable baffles $600. I should have my new system in 3 weeks.
$870+shipping is not bad for slip-on and S-pipes I wish I could get the full system for $900 [thumbsup] thanks for the replys,on a vague message.
silentbob said:
My old system.
Okay. That's definately a "here's your sign" moment for me.

Thanks for clearing that up. :)
If you still have the s2r 800 arrow system, I am interested.
George 405-474-0757
just bought a full carbon sytem from Motostrano for $1100.00 & change free 3day air shipping. ;D
Got my full Ti Arrow from DesmoTimes; maybe could have found for less, but I figure supporting LT when he breaks his back to find us solutions to maintenance and support of our bikes is money well spent.

To all,

Today was the big day of the full Ti swap; sorry no photos as there were three different people swapping parts at the same time in my garage. Started the bike with baffles in (only available with the Ti system; CF will distort with baffles), a very mellow and sweet sound. A little louder than stock, but definitely more full and distinct (removal of udder makes all the difference in the world). Then, as we wanted to get the full effect, we pulled the baffles and let it rip. Wow, this thing is scary sounding. Not loud as in "Harley with straight pipes" loud, but definitely letting you know this is an angry bike. We took a ride around the block (about 15 miles) and I must say that getting the system with removable baffles is the way to go (assuming you get the full system; the slip-ons that utilize the catalytic converter will not have this issue). For around town, especially riding early or late, the baffles go in with the help of a set of slip-ring pliers to keep the neighbors happy. For long rides in the mountains, out come the baffles in about 30 seconds to allow the bike to breathe.

Special thanks to Dave and Mark for their help getting the system fitted, and to all the guys who pointed me this way.

My $.02 is to get the full Ti system with removable baffles, anything less and you'll still want to upgrade.

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