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Berryessa Biker Flick (edited)

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And now for your viewing pleasure here's an edited video of the 12-2 Berryessa ride - complete with easy listening holiday music.

Thanks to Michael Moore for the camera gear and DVD transfer [thumbsup]

And thanks to Fabienne for the great edit job- complete with special effects [clap]


Merry Xmas - enjoy [cheeky]

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Nice job with the edits and the music! [thumbsup]
Great job [thumbsup] Thank you Tassles, Fabienne, and Michael :)
Anybody else having trouble with it loading? I'm getting about a minute into it and then it stops. I tried a different movie and it worked fine. I've also tried a couple different browsers and restarted Firefox, but it ain't happening. :'(

Anyway, very cool from what I've seen. I agree; nice soundtrack selection. Thanks for putting it up T-Pup [thumbsup] I'll try viewing the rest from work.

BTW, there we are on our break at Berryessa ;D
Alright, I was able to see the whole thing. Very cool! it came out better than I thought it would [thumbsup]
I especially like it because it features yours truly as "the Pied Piper," if you will [cheeky]
Yeah, Fabienne did a nice job with the edits, and even made good use of the sky shots [laugh]

Dude, we gotta make "The Movie" >:D
Hey that was killer, but I guess I was going to fast to be in the movie >:D, just kidding it came out great, want to see the whole thing. I agree with GH we need to make a movie.

Hope everyone has been out riding.
Thanks for the feedback! [clap]

Ok Ill be returning from sunny Cleveland (rawks) on the 28th - just in time for the Geist. We'll get inspired (hammered) & do a story board for the next B-minus classic "Monsters from Planet Duc" 8)

Sounds like a Plan??????$$$$
Nice footage...but next time can you set it to some Beethoven? J/K [cheeky]
Video & music are all good , I am feeling bad now , miss that day ride .

Wish you all have
Happy Holidays ! !
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